Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sleepy in Seattle

Thank God for coffee.

I've been fighting a headcold/sinus infection and I'm off to Seattle for work this week. When I got here I had the chills and was wearing two jackets in lovely 62 F weather. Not good.

Sunday night I went to dinner with my colleagues and had the best halibut I've ever had (appologies to Wildfire). I was pounding the Airborn and even took a sinus capsule - a once a year occurance for me. I finished the night with a shot of booze to try and "kill the bug". You know I feel awful if I'm doing all this.

Monday woke up a bit tired but ok. During the day I was at a seminar done by Microsoft. It was pretty cool but there are way too many "super excited" people about planning software. Lots of folks who love to hear themselves talk. Ego so thick in the room you cut it with a knife. One lady from Merck gave a great 35 minute presentation...for 90 minutes. There were great points I can apply at my gig but wrap it up! The BEST presentation was done by two chaps from Buckinghamshire, U.K.. These guys were funny (a rare occurance at this conference), to the point and really smart. No ego. Just the facts miss.

Today I get to listen to Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. Should be cool if he can tell us something and spare me the commercial.

Seattle is pretty cool. Grunge apparently is still in for some folks. Seen a lot of piercings (ow...) - which makes me ask - why would you pierce your lips with like 9 rings? Isn't that hard to eat? Priorities people. She was thin...maybe I should try it?

Running here is brutal. Hills are a kick in the butt but I'm having fun exploring.

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