Friday, October 19, 2007

New York, New York!

New York this week...(and maybe Seattle next week) is in my life a lot.

I like to fly. Probably because I never got to do it as a kid. My first time on a plane was at age 17. Every flight is cool. The airport is an amazing place to watch people. So onto the 6AM to LGA (LaGuardia - New York)! Everything was fine. I'm boarding the plane. In front of me is a female in business attire and from the back side...looks nice. She turns forward when she finds her seat...has a massive nose ring that looks like a thick, silver door knocker. (Sweetie...that ruins your look. You are actually quite attractive...consider going without the door knocker.)

People behind me let out an audible gasp. My first thought, "Whoa! Unfortunate fishing accident miss?" (Heard that at Disneyland last year when a guest was walking into Pirates of the Caribbean with a spike in her upper lip.) Still think of it when I see piercings.

Got my business done and was on the Brooklyn Bridge. Kinda cool. I've only been to NY a few times and have never had time to explore - always working. Here are some shots going back to LGA. Tourist!

My flight was delayed do to unseasonably warm weather and the afternoon storms that result because of it. I ran into an old Andersen Consulting colleague of mine Frank in the airport. He works for Morgan Stanley. Our flight was delayed (only about 1 hr 45 mins) - which isn't bad really. The "earlier flight" to ORD was delayed 4 hours as they missed their take off window at LGA. Many of us were trying to go stand by on that flight. 78 people...trying to go standby....I think they should be flying 757s into NY and not the Super 80s. They left at 8:15 pm. They were supposed to leave at 4:45. The best part about it is when the announcement was made that the flight would be delayed to 8:15 and that the 7pm flight to ORD was cancelled there was a loud groan and one lady yelled out, "AWW SH*T!" Which made several of us laugh out loud.

My laughing stopped on my flight as we were tossed around by crazy winds. Think of the scene in Hunt for Red October where they are flying to the aircraft carrier. It actually made me laugh as a lot of folks were praying or using air sickness bags. The other thing I thought of was Gabrielle Iglecias' joke about flying.

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