Monday, October 15, 2007

My Ironman & Congratulations Kona Finishers

Saturday I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing my office - 13 hours straight. I'm about 40% complete. (Really) All while watching Ironman happen on my computer LIVE. I've never done that and it was pretty great. Only way it would be better was if I was in Kona. I've got a serious Ironman jones now...grad school starts in January and time really gets pinched. So my challenge, should I choose to accept it, is do Ironman while in grad school...and do it well. If you do chase the Ironman it all the way or not at all. Start NOW in October more than a year before...base training. Don't let the smack talk about "you can do it"...I know most of us can do is the "how are you feeling while doing it" and "can I hold down solid food" afterwards that bug me and should bug you. If you do it all the way.

Congratulations to the fittest people on Earth!

Tim Hola
Swim 53:36
bike 5:19:39
run 3:03:40
Total time: 9:21:49
Overall Finish 81

Nicole Burdge
Swim 1:10:52
Bike 6:08:58
Run 4:17:29
Total Time 11:51:04
Overall Finish 1148

Jay Silber
Swim 1:20:26
Bike 6:19:34
Run 4:27:40
Total Time 12:21:59
Overall Finish 1267

Elizabeth Fedofsky
Swim 1:08:36
Bike 5:43:58
Run 3:33:13
Total Time 10:32:10
Overall Finish 573

Christian Waterstraat
Swim 1:04:01
Bike 5:10:04
Run 4:01:36
Total Time 10:24:13
Overall Finish 502

And #179 Karen O'Riordan (56, Blazeman Foundation Attorney - 1st year Triathlete)
Swim 1:36:24
Bike 7:30:38
Run 5:46:55
Total Time 15:08:06
Overall Finish 1598

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