Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Official! is the end of "off season" for me. 21 days of nary a workout ends on Monday where I will be at a conference. This actually works out well. I'll seem contemplative and intelligent when really I'm dog a$$ tired. The end of off season comes with it's usual excitement and anxiety. I tipped the scales at 193.7 lbs and a full 15.5% body fat this morning. (I guess dinner at Hackney's in Lake Zurich didn't help any. Neither did the full loaf of fried onions.) This is a high water mark since I started in triathlon about 11 years ago. My original weight was 223. I got all the way down to 157. Looks like I have some work to do, eh? Some of this weight is lean mass (measured at 156 today.) I put on lean muscle mass VERY easily - especially in the upper body - you can bring the water polo player and breaststroke swimmer to triathlon but you can't take it out of him. This is how I paid for a NCAA Div. I education after all - swimming and water polo - more on that in a minute. I'm a about a large B cup (or small C) but I do a lot of flies, push ups on the ball and other things so I don't get Phil Mikkelson man boobs.I've made some changes in diet too - as of today. Mercifully, I passed out in front of Discover Channel's Mythbusters before I could get up and grab some Oberwiess Dairy Butter Pecan ice cream. All summer I ride past large fields of Holstein gals working hard for Oberwiess. I even know some of the farmers and have rescued a few gals who broke through a fence during a workout. Those are "my girls" in at Sunny Valley Farms just south of Lake Geneva, WI. They often say "Moo" as I ride by. (Maybe I ride there too much that they know me by sight? Nah...) Several friends who did Ironman Hawaii have mentioned to me or in their blog entries that they have put on three pounds since Ironman.Three pounds?! P-L-E-A-S-E...I can put on three pounds before breakfast. In the Mitera household, you put on three pounds if you eat half your dinner. Three pounds...sounds like a salad in our house; maybe a single serving of dessert - cue my dad's famous words when asked if he wants pumpkin or apple pie, "I'll have a combo." Wash that down with some whole milk (also from Oberweiss). This is real whole milk or as we call it melk; because it is too thick to be called milk and you need a thicker vowel. Happy cows make more melk!

For those of you still in off season, I'll be posting this off season schedule on Training Peaks for only $275. As regular readers of these blog entries, I'll give it to you for FREE! Please use a Polar heart rate monitor and check with your physician before beginning any workout routine. Especially something this difficult as we'll be doing doubles or triples this off season. This is a very strict regimen.

AM: Sleep in. Wake up at the last possible minute - throw together a protein powder blend. Balance out your breakfast with some donuts from Spunky Dunkers in Palatine.

PM: Teach spinning for 45 minutes. You ride easy. It is perfectly ok to teach off the bike. You don't want to get sweaty before you pick up Monday Night Pizza from Lou Malnati's. Make ours sausage and mushroom. Fall asleep in the La-z-boy watching Monday Night Football with pizza in your hands. (This has happened during peak times of training like this.) Make sure to openly mock the generally catty, immature gals on The Bachelor so your spouse understands you appreciate him/her. Find one outfit on the show and say, "You'd look good in that." Leave the room before more IQ points melt away. (My spouse thinks I'm jealous and she may be right.)
Tuesday - (hardest day of the weak )
AM: Early wake up call - 4:45 AM - roll over and turn off alarm. Spouse should wake you up with 5 minutes to get ready and car pool. Jamba Juice - you earned it.

PM: Leave work "early" after 8 hours (lunch at desk). Go to the gym and get a 60+ minute beating from personal trainer in a group session. Mostly core work - heaven help me.

AM: Sleep in again. (I told you this was a tough routine.)

Noon: Think about going to spin class at the gym here in my building...go to a dumb meeting instead or even better...go out to lunch and proclaim how you don't play office politics to those in political position to help your career.

PM: Mow the lawn - only if you can keep your heart rate below 152

AM: Set the bike up to commute but then proclaim, "I don't have time to do this" Jump in the car and be annoyed all day.

PM: 15 minute Tae Bo workout from On Demand - sit down after 8 minutes and say, "Wow, this is harder than riding my bike."

AM: Think about swimming long or longer intervals.

PM: Go to the gym and run with "old guys" and "fat gals" - run <3 miles
AM: Read long about base training, then a quick change and study for certification exams and MBA executive stuff.

PM: Think about thinking about swimming at a Mexican restaurant with your spouse.

AM: Read long about bad college football, then quick change and study again. OK to introduce coffee and more donuts to your routine if you have the time.

Noon: (Time may change) Watch bad football with "athletes" you could beat if they showed up to an endurance race

PM: Off - recover for the next week of recovery; we don't want to over train


  1. Ok, Bob...this is your best post yet! Loved it. And, those 3 lbs are KILLING Me (and Elizabeth, I am sure is nuts about it)....Last night I talked to Spencer and he said, "oh no biggie, jen...I usually put on 15 lbs in the off-season!!!!!!!" WHAT? I COULD never let that happen. Men are soo bizarre and that they can usually remove 15lbs as quickly as they put it on. Women, not so lucky. So, button up, buttercup and get back into the groove. My party is over 11/5 when we get back from FL. :) Jen

  2. Hey - 3 for me is like 6 for you - how would 6, feel eh? :)