Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Halibut Time in Seattle

I think I love this part of North America. Young, active folks. Coffee on every corner (didn't go to a Starbucks once - all local places - Uptown Brew has great Viamese Cinnamon only a few blocks from the Space Needle.) One quick complaint - lots of homeless folks - kinda creepy at times but generally harmless. What's up with that?

Today...I saw the hottest woman since I met my wife. (Lorrie...take fantasy notes.) For the record, this gal looked like my wife when we met. Lorrie still looks great by the way - I am one of those fortunate people who married an awesome person who is all that and a bag of chips. (Lorrie looks far younger than me...she still gets carded and yet she is OLDER than me by 18 months...although, Lorrie has all her hair unlike me...and again, she is just as hot as when we met. Lorrie is blushing somewhere right now. I am attracted to the IQ in my woman among other qualities.) Really! No BS. OK, colleague Tim and I were going to Uptown Brew for coffee again after the meeting today and after working out. We are sitting enjoying the brew and a gal (again...looks like my wife's twin) rides up to the red light on a fixed gear bike from downtown, obviously a bike commuter and a professional, hair pulled into a pony tail and out the back of her helmet, her ruby earrings MATCH HER RED BIKE RIMS (any chick who matches her earrings to her bike rims is a keeper), her MAC is in the Timbuk2 bag (imagine a hot chick with this bag),

IN A SHORTish, black, sexy HOT DRESS...and does a perfect track stand for about 90 seconds waiting for the light to change. I had to say something. The extrovert in me was on overload. "If I weren't married, I'd propose to you right now. You're the goods darling! ...I never say stuff like this but I have to. We don't see this in Chicago much." She smiled, sorta laughed and said "Thanks, have a great day." Oh, so sexy. last super of incredible halibut wrapped with prosciutto in a light garlic sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli.


  1. It was as you walk onto the street by the Market. See the sign on the right? Go UPSTAIRS right there. Turn left and there is a small looking restaurant right there. It overlooks the market street. I'll find the name in my expenses and publish it and email it to you. Great value there.