Monday, October 1, 2007

CS 600 Polar Power Meter - Part II - WE HAVE POWER!

Ahhh....finally. I've joined the new century. Cost was keeping me out honestly. It is the same reason I only have a time trial bike and a mountain bike that I got for $300 (too big for me but it is really fun to ride - can't wait to get one that fits!)

Ok...It took me about 1.5 hours to install the power meter, test it and have all parts working. In the spirit of full disclosure...I didn't read the instructions until I had to. This is my personal test of how tough an install is. I imagine that I could have saved about an hour if I had my mechanic do the install. Additionally...I took the time to clean and lube my chain and rear cassette which is not in the instructions but since I had the chain off I figured I might as well.

My first official ride was with my buddy John in Barrington Hills. It was cool to seehow many watts I was using to get up hills seated and standing as well as how little I used coming down a hill. I'm learning more and more and think everyone should have power as part of thier training.

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