Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Base Training Presentation Tomorrow Night at Midtown in Palatine

Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM I will be giving a presentation on base training for the 2008 season. I will be handing out Polar discount coupons for RS400 watches as well as giving you the critical success factors for triathlon, cycling and running race preparation.

For the athletes I coach, we call this "training to train".

I know that I have been "resting" for about two weeks (read: only working out about three to four times a week) and my wife is about to kick me out of the house. I have dismantled our office and have started to sell things on eBay and I'm getting a little too carried away.

So come on out tomorrow night. We'll talk 2008.

Here is a link with directions.

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  1. are you doing any more meeting like this in the Cgicago area?