Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I Admire Tiger Woods

I'm a decent golfer. I went this past weekend (first time I picked up a club in three years) stepped up to the first tee, in front of a crowd, and smashed one into the wind 200 yards - center cut - straight down the middle. (Pat self on back.) I finished my round on your typical local course in 93, my vintage 1988 golf clubs looking small by comparison to the modern clubs of today. A 93 is fairly good for not touching my clubs in three years. Yesterday, I was relaxing at my in-laws home and we were flipping between the Cubs, Bears and Tiger (notice I didn't say golf) and I couldn't help but think about how much Tiger had prepared himself for these moments. There is an American Express commercial that ends with Tiger on an "easy day" hitting golf balls in the rain.

I admire Tiger Woods for his dedication to perfection. He smoked the field and has had an outstanding year and if you listened closely to his post tournament interview you could hear that although he was pleased with his results, he still saw things in his game to work on. He's my kind of guy. What I heard was, "I managed to make some putts and hit the ball pretty well." (Not said - 'Too bad my approach shots were still a little wild.') Coming soon to a golf tournament near you, Tiger has that epic round that will become 'instant classic' and legend...oh wait, that might have just happened.
Tiger's workout regime. The man is the best in his field and he is pumping iron, stretching and looking for the next edge as if he is a new guy just hanging on by his fingernails to his pro card. No Phil Mickelson man boobs on him. Tiger is ripped like he is going to Ironman. Hats off to those who are great and still workout like an animal - work ethic like this are missing in the modern athlete more and more.
Way to go Tiger! If you are in Chicago and need a workout partner, give me a call.

Weekend Update:
Congrats to three peat USAT Long Course Triathlon Champ Elizabeth Waterstraat-Fedofsky. Liz exemplifies what I admire in Tiger. I can't wait to see what she and Chris do in Kona.

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