Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time to get off the Schneid

I love this picture. It shows how Muhammad Ali was fighting with a purpose in Ali vs. Liston. I began a fight with a familiar foe today. Eating. I joke that I'm on a "see food" diet - if I can see it I eat it. Think Bruce from Finding Nemo. So before I think about lunch...I admit...I've been 'his schneideness' when it comes to eating to be ultra fit. As we build through the last week of volume to the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, I sit here looking at the food I ate thus far this week and...well, I'm on the schneid. I need to hold my own intervention.

According to "The schneid" is a another good example of such a term, and, coincidentally, means nearly the opposite of "in the catbird seat." To be "on the schneid" means to be on a losing streak, racking up a series of losing, and especially scoreless, games. "Schneid" is actually short for "schneider," a term originally used in the card game of gin, meaning to prevent an opponent from scoring any points. "Schneider" entered the vocabulary of gin from German (probably via Yiddish), where it means "tailor." Apparently the original sense was that if you were "schneidered" in gin you were "cut" (as if by a tailor) from contention in the game. "Schneider" first appeared in the literature of card-playing about 1886, but the shortened form "schneid" used in other sports is probably of fairly recent vintage.

You can swim, bike and run all you want and if you eat like race what you eat. I'm off the schneid as far as my eating goes. It started today. I couldn't take it any more. At 5:40 AM I went around the house and pulled together anything that could be considered junk food or processed food - put it in a box - and put it in the garbage. Luckily...there wasn't much...left over. I have implemented marshal law (no pun intended to my last post) regarding food purchases in our house. The entire landscape of the kitchen has changed. Pizza magnets came down off the 'fridge - food logs went up. Cookies, cakes, and animal crackers were sent to work with Lorrie and Trader Joe's Snow peas are front and center in the 'fridge. Food choices and cravings are not hereditary they are a choice. 5'8" 183 lbs and 11.2% body more.

Will it make a difference in the marathon in 24 days? I honestly don't care. I'll be carrying 30 extra pounds from my marathon PR on 10/7. Just try and qualify for Boston doing that! At least my Polar logo will be clearly visible from space. It will make a difference in me and my racing. I just need to commit to it like I do my training. (Your own race results may vary.) We're looking for this guy below (imagine my current power in a lower weight and I just might get back to race in Kona or Clearwater again soon).

2000 IM Hawaii - Entering the lava fields in 50 mph winds and 75 mph gusts...and over geared (11x21)


  1. kona-hawi is doable with a 21-11 cassette!

  2. Don't forget to factor in 50 mph wind, gusting to is doable but not advisable if you want a strong Ironman Marathon! (Hell...I did it.) Would have been nice to have an easier gear - especially on the climb.