Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jen Wins AG in IM Lou & Passes (on) the Ironman Slot

I was talking to my friend Brad Moore today. Both he and his girlfriend Jen qualified for Kona at their Ironman's (Canada and Louisville) and passed on the slot. The coolest thing Brad said was, "It felt really good to see the person that got to go because I turned down my spot. Jen and I got a great sense of satisfaction doing that." This tells you how cool Brad and Jen are, they were actually excited for someone else's dream.

I saw Jen before the Racine 1/2 IM and she was all smiles. That really says a lot when before a race someone can come up to you and be friendly. (I'm not sure how good I am at that...although this year is better.)

Jen's time from IM Lou:
Swim: 1:14:24
Bike: 5:47:59
Run: 4:10:29


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  1. Hey Bob-
    Jen Noie had the race of her life at IM KY. I want to email her to congratulate her. Can you send me her email? Thanks, Bob. We went to Kona with Brad and Jen last year as well.