Monday, September 10, 2007

The Four Day Weekend

I just finished a four day weekend....keep in mind that I did work Thursday and well as Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday -
Work all day, 2:30 workout - run and the pouring rain...go to the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin with my cousin. A rare occurence but we started at 9:45 pm and finished about 1:15 AM. Won $15 total.

Friday -
Up at 5:30 work at 6:30 AM...mow the lawn, shower...go to Gabrielle Iglesias show at the IMPROV in Schaumburg...Gabrielle does a 2 hr show! Home at 1:15 AM.

Saturday -
Go running a 6 AM...Drive to Madison, WI. Attend Ironman ref training...go running Madison (10 miles) and a quick jump in the lake to swim. Go out to dinner with Ron from Team Polar and hotel at 10:15 - start working on a blog entry...fall asleep at 10:44 ish with computer on.

Sunday -
Up at 5 AM...arrive Monona Terrace at 5:40 AM. Check in for ref duty at 6 AM. Watch swim start. Talk to Greg Welch (aka: Welchy), Paul Newby-Frazier (The Queen of Kona - 8x IMH Champ and arguably the best female athlete ever), Heather Fuhr and Kevin McKinnon. 7:30 AM - meet my moto driver and go out on the bike course to wait for the first riders. 7:46 AM...first rider on a pink Planet X bike goes ripping past us. Me and my moto driver (Jim from Milwaukee) we (and our BMW RS1200) are 6th ref on the course. 4:45 PM...finish bike course refing. Turn in penalties, talk to other marshals about some of the stuff we saw...begin run course marshal work. 11:20 (race time)...John Kane finishes his first Ironman- good swim, good bike, good run - only a few rookie IM mistakes kept him from sub-11. (yep...I coach him...beeming with pride) 8 PM - finish run course marshal work. 8:45 PM in the car driving home. 10:44 PM...arrive home. 10:48 PM fall asleep with ice pack on my head (head sqeeze from moto helmet).

Other than that...I did nothing.

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