Friday, September 21, 2007

CS 600 Install - Part I

Ok...I was running late to the Thursday night ride. (Work happens) So all I did was install the CS 600 for monitoring speed. It took me only about 8 minutes including measuring exactly where I want it to reside on my aerobars - three times.

I really like the fitting for the fork. I have a LOOK HSC carbon fork and to say I love the way it looks (pun intended) is an understatement. Honestly, any fork would be my favorite after I had speed wobble (aka: death wobble) from my Renolds fork. The fitting for the aerobar/stem is good but the fork fitting is really engineered well. You could almost ride without it zip tied down .

I rode with it and really like the big numbers for MPH and smaller number for HR. Numbers like avg speed, incline, temp - wow! Can't wait to use the power numbers too. I admit it was cool knowing that I was doing 31.1 mph while pulling the group. Sustaining that is the next big step. Come FL 70.3 I want to hit 23.5 - 1.5 mph more than last year. Working my weight loss plan, strength training and swim...I will be better...again. (Remember, this past year I was about 23 minutes faster compared to the competition (strong winds force comparison to guage if I improved - I did the same time as the year before) and did not qualify for Clearwater but my run was better.)

I'll finish putting the power meter on today.

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