Friday, September 7, 2007

Chicago Marathon Motivation

My friend Kim sent me this motivational video for the Chicago Marathon.

My personal motivation for this marathon has gone back and forth from "I'm going to get in great shape and qualify" to "I'm going to call Mike Rowe and show him how volunteering at the marathon is a dirty job so I don't have to run".

I am planning to run this regardless of my fitness for those I know who cannot run for various reasons. They would give anything to be able to run. So, I will not complain about being 186.2 lbs. (11.1% body fat) - I might not be the fittest I've ever been but I'm gonna run and finish for those who cannot. When I'm looking for "The Wizard", as Liz and Jen would say, I'm going to try and remember those who would give anything to run and cannot.

So click the green link below and I dare you not to be inspired.

Be great. You're worth it.

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  1. Bob,
    Oh, yes...the wizard. Perfect! I tried to click the link and it doesn't work...? It sent me to your work webmail thingy. :)