Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a Weekend! Whew!


Thanks to Greg Sellers from Motor Tabs http://www.motortabs.com/ -Greg, you are the type of guy/company that people should get behind. I'm looking forward to working with you more. Mark Rouse from Runners High 'n Tri - Mark, you are always unflappable and classy. Triathlon is lucky to have you as one of the sport's ambassadors. Trudy Wakeman RD for Chicago Accenture Triathlon - you totally "get it". Looking forward to seeing you more in the future at the races.

Congratulations to:

Dean Hewson winner of the inaugural Accenture Triathlon TRIPLE - yep, Dean won the super sprint, sprint and Olympic triathlon. No question in my mind that Dean is the best male triathlete in Chicago and the most adaptable and agreeable. When I grow up, I want to race like Dean.

Don Sortor at Ironman Louisville who soldiered on to finish despite some acute dehydration and a snapped cable on the bike. So much for the mechanics who replaced said cable only four weeks ago. Don finished Ironman after his doctors told him he'd "never run again"...yeah right. Way to go Don! Look for great things from Don down the road - he is just reaching toward his true athletic potential.

Jay Silber at Ironman Louisville who stopped when he was supposed to! Jay won the Ironman lottery this year and will be racing in Kona. I've been sending him "beat down" workouts and he is making it through all of them with great focus. IM Lou was just a "race day simulation" with only 1 hr of running after the bike. I normally don't like folks to do DNF but it is hard to throw $500 away and not show up. So Jay ran 3 hrs on Saturday (day before the race) and swam and biked as well...and then "raced" on Sunday. Kona is the ultimate Ironman test as the weather and topography make any other Ironman pale by comparison. Finish in Kona and you join an elite club. Jay is on that road and if Pele is kind and everything comes together...

Caryn Blanke at Ironman Canada who ran a 3:49:49 marathon in her first Ironman! Caryn has the potential to compete in Kona and I wouldn't want to be racing her. Caryn is a HS teacher and coach and had to fly out on FRIDAY before the race SUNDAY...and then was back teaching MONDAY mid-day. Hats off Caryn - You rock!

Tommy Brown at the Accenture Chicago Triathlon. Tommy just turned pro this year and raced a brutal field to 19th of 28 pros. The very physical swim had some other pro punch him in the eye for no reason in the swim. Not cool. Undaunted...Tommy had a "below avg bike" for him at 1:00 but his IT band was really acting up Sunday. Tommy ran down a couple of pro guys instead of mailing it in. He will be a tough customer with a few more years of hard work and muscle packed on. Simply surviving Chicago's wild weather Thursday and 10+ hours in the car with me in traffic is reason enough to believe he'll be one to watch in the future.

Debra Kozlicki at the Accenture Chicago Triathlon. Debra finished her first triathlon despite being very nervous about her swimming and when the race did start...the very first thing that happened was that some guy swam over the top of her! Way to stick with it!

Brad Moore at Ironman Canada. Brad finished IM Canada AGAIN...and at 49 years old posted a 10:16:16 - 1:10 swim, 5:22 bike and 3:32 run! You are the man!

Darian Dykyj at Ironman Canada finished 43rd overall in 9:52:42 posting a 1:07 swim, 5:15 bike and 3:22 run! Even more remarkable, Darian seems to always do about the same time in Kona only 6 weeks later!

Jennifer Baer at Ironman Canada finished in 11:32:42 and smoked the run AGAIN in 3:49:16. What can you say about consistency?

Great job everyone!

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