Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Visitors to this Blog are Global

I've been racing triathlon for 10 years, swimming for 26 years and water polo for 20 years; I have meet great people from a lot of countries and places. I've raced on three continents (some better than others) and all over the USA. I have to say that I feel very fortunate to have that experience. The sun never sets on my triathlon friendships as someone I am friends with in this sport is literally waking up or going to bed around the clock. I'm really thankful that you take time to read my blog.

This brings me to how many folks have read this blog and where they are from. Here are some of the "regulars" at this corner tavern.

Norway, Egypt, Czech Republic, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Iraq, Iran, St. Lucia, Spain, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Monaco, South Africa, Japan, China, Indonisia, India, Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and 30 of the United States (AK, CA, WI, TX, CO, MN, MI, MO, OH, ID, LA, KS, OK, WY, NY, NJ, FL, PN, TN, VA, IA, IL, WA, CN, NV, MA, WV, IN, HI, and WA.) I'm glad to have such a diverse audience and hope to keep you all coming back!

Adios, Good bye, Fiimaan illaah, Joi gin, Zbohem, Tot ziens, Senebti, Y'all come back now, Auf Wiedersehen, Pfueatti, Khairete, Ciao, Sayonara, I'm just in the Ks, Farvel, Ta Ta for now, Hoscakal...there are more but finally.

Aloha and Mahalo nui loa - Good bye and thank you very much (Hawaiian)...more tomorrow!

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