Friday, August 10, 2007

Rock Start Status at the Thursday Night Ride

Last night we has some of the CSC boys join our training group. They went right to the front in their preparation for the Tour of Elk Grove and set the pace for their workout. They raised the usual pace of this group, which I'm sure was easy for them but not for us. The club group blew apart with only a few of us hanging on during the faster paced intervals. Even at 33 mph, the CSC guys were talking comfortably and sorta screwing around and really weren't on the rivet. At 33 mph, I was 167 heart rate...and working. Usually this group goes hard on one lap and then slows down (often too much) on the next. A few of us press the pace on the "easy" laps, to large complaints from the group. Last night...people weren't complaining as the CSC guys whipped up the pace. 23 mph on the "easy" 33+ on the "hard". We had a few guys try to break away and the lead group which consisted of the CSC guys, Eva, John, Mark, Mike and me caught them and spit them out the back several times. It was a great ride. We lapped the field three times.

There were about 75 people out riding last night. We had our Elk Grove police escort again - which I could really get used to. Police escort on training rides...this must be heaven. Lastly, we had groupies! There were people in lawn chairs with cameras taking pictures of us.

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