Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Alternative Core Workouts: Tubing 101

For those of you who have never been tubing I hope you get the chance soon. It is very easy. All you need to know how to do are the following 1) hang on for dear life (for little kids - boat drivers are usually more merciful) 2) use any core muscles you may have 3) take a risk.

My cousins could seriously make a living at entertaining via tube. My uncle Tom has a great boat and lots of experience pulling skier and tubers. I've hung on to the tube with Christine, Nicole, Mike, Vince and the little cousins as well - all a blast. My cousins Mike and Christine are very daring on tubes and set the "crazy" bar quite high. This year Vince and I set out to bump up the "crazy".

Vince and I got on the tube. Me being about 45 lbs. heavier than Vince...go to the back of the tube. Once on the way Vince and I started to get crazy! You move the tube back and forth by leaning to one side and using the wake of the boat, core muscles, and physics to change your direction. The g-forces on your body make you really feel the speed and it is difficult to move at normal pace. Dispite his best efforts, my uncle Tom could not shake Vince and I off the tube (thus far). We were so nuts that we were slaloming the tube back and forth and almost getting the tube in front of the boat when we'd zing off to the left or right. You see, on a curve the speed of the tube is just a bit over double the boat speed. So when the boat was going 35, we were doing close to 70 mph with our faces about 3" off the water! This is also quite risky if there is a wave from another boat or our boat there you will hit the water hard when the tube stops and you don't. Vince and I made one move where we actually caught air and and soared for 5 seconds without water - and HELD ON TO THE TUBE! Insane! We did crash a few times; once when we turned the tube upside down and fell out of the tube because of gravity (can't fight gravity...yet) and another time when we pushed the envelope too far as we tried to zip outside the wake on the right of the boat. Vince was saying, "I don't think we're going to make it!" I responded, "We can make it! We're gonna make AARRRGGH!" This was followed by us doing two summersaults one in the air and the other under water. We both came up and were laughing and high fived. What a ride!!

When the boat returned for us Christine and Mike were on the back of the boat and said, "WOW! That was seriously out there guys!" We had gained their approval. We had bumped the "crazy" bar up a notch.

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