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This year's Tour de France has been outstanding...right up to the time when Team Astana and Vino withdrew because he/they were doping! The TdF had this to say:

The organisers of the Tour de France have been informed by Marc Biver, the manager of the Astana team, about the positive test of Alexandre Vinokourov on the day of the time trial stage in Albi. At the request of Patrice Clerc, President of A.S.O., the Astana team has agreed to leave the 2007 Tour de France: Christian Prudhomme, the Director of the Tour de France, and Patrice Clerc, wanted to reaffirm in Pau their stance in the fight against doping and to assure the public of their determination to insist with the battle. “The start in London was a formidable occasion to re-conquer. It has failed. The riders have to understand that they are playing a game of Russian roulette if they are doping. They have to realize that we will never give up the war against doping in which we are involved. Doping ruins our childhood dreams. Vinokourov has cheated and the only possible answer was: leave! It’s an absolute failure of the system. It has to change now. The re-conquering of cycling has to be done with the Tour de France. I started this job believing that we could change this system but it’s not enough: there has to be a revolution!”

Let's add to this...a lifetime ban.
My solution:

I say if you want to race you (each racer) is responsible to go to a lab and be certified clean.

Kinda like a pre-job drug screen. You could make it a physical and perhaps save the heart attack in the water that occurs every year at several races. Need a new certificate before any participating races - whichever governing body participates in this program - ITU, USAT, WTC whoever. Certs would be good for a short period of time - two weeks? MDs help me out here.

Test positive...lifetime ban from participating races. No exceptions. Cheat and you're done. (Nina Craft)
So if you go to the Amgen Triathlon and they don't require a drug screen...don't complain about sub-4 hour 1/2 Ironman times from the chubby CPA or CEO. Everyone will suspect those times and races and they'll have to come around. (See Tour of California with no drug testing - hurts to say that because I love the event and we need more cycling events in the USA...but clean events like that one could be.) Imagine what Amgen could do if they rolled out the most ADVANCED testing for doping? The publicity would be staggering, world-wide.

On a Bonds rant...'roids and HGH don't improve the ability to hit a baseball any more (other than FARTHER)...but HGH improves vision...which is critical to hitting a baseball. RE: Barry, I'm still hoping for a federal indictment and a suspension from MLB which stops him. This is the * which will always be associated with him and Bud Selig....and Sammy, Mark, Rafi, Jason...etc.

There are triathletes using psudefed, Andro, and other drugs. They should be kicked out of the sport. I only take comfort in knowing that they will likely be dead or not healthy when I'm racing 70-74.

Compete clean or compete here...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrCGYtFAQ2U

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