Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Polar Website Showing LIVE Tour de France HR Data

Want to know exactly how hard your favorite Tour de France riders are trying at any particular point in the race? Polar Electro UK is offering a unique chance to monitor riders' efforts, not only during the Tour's stay in the UK but once the race has crossed back over the English Channel.

Of the 21 teams in this year's race, 11 are supported by Polar. The heart rate monitor manufacturer(and my principal sponsor) has developed an interactive new micro site,, designed to give fans exclusive insights into the physical demands that the Tour places on riders. Visitors to the site will be able to see at first hand the effects that 3,395km of racing are having on some of sport's most resilient competitors.

The top Tour teams using Polar's pioneering technology to push their riders to their limits and beyond in pursuit of the coveted yellow jersey, will be able to provide live telemetry. During every stage, selected rider's heart rates, speed, altitude and location will be published in real time, allowing visitors to decide for themselves when riders are holding back, over-exerting themselves or setting themselves up for a strong performance in the next stage. will not only be the hub from which fans can get exclusive rider data during every stage of the race; they can learn more about Polar's range of cycling computers and have the chance to win pro-level cycling equipment in the shape of Polar cycling gear and a brand new Time Pro-Bike.

By observing the central role that Polar's world renowned cycling technology plays in helping the sport's elite racers, performance-orientated cyclists will be able to learn more about how Polar's intelligent CS400, CS600 and S725X Pro Team Edition computers can help them plan their training, measure and record their performance and comprehensively analyse the results to help push themselves to their own limits and beyond.

To get to the heart of the action on Tour and learn how Polar's range of cycling computers has been developed to meet the needs riders at all levels from elite Tour professionals to fitness cyclists, visit the new website at .

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