Monday, July 9, 2007


It is Tour de France time again which means that office work in the morning will come to a screeching halt for the next twenty some days. I think I scared my Indian contractor when today's crash occured as I yelled, "Look out!" in our air conditioned, library quiet, white noisy box. Some of the "hard core" cyclists/triathletes take a 'cigarette break' when we get to 5 miles to go. We work with a lot of smokers who disappear a lot during the day to keep their habit in check. Nobody smokes in our group but we all huddle around a laptop like bums around the last dry smoke in town. Emails and phone calls will be ignored. Meetings declined or delayed. "Oh, I have an appointment at that time. How is your afternoon?" After all, it is hard to concentrate on work when Tom Boonen, Robbie McEwan, and Thor Hushovd are closing in on the finish line at close to 38 mph. I know it is a really good sprint when I can hear my wife screaming at the television "GO THOR GO! Come on hit it!" from the laundry room. In any other household, this may seem weird. However my wife is Norwegian and you can take the girl out of Norway but you can't take the Norway out of the girl. Thor gives all Norges something to scream about and as a more muscular racer myself...I have to admit I like to see the big boys whip up on the 140 pounders.

For my wife and I, Le Tour is an obsession and competition. Competition? Who is leading? Who has crashed? She knows the middle name and spouse's name for all 189 cyclists who started. A guy just can't catch a break. The only two I can remember are George Hincapie's wife, she is easy on the eyes...and the former Mrs. Armstrong (Kristin). What the hell was Lance thinking? I'm all about "hot and smart" when it comes to my women and the former Mrs. Armstrong is all that and a bag of chips! (For another example, see my wife.) My favorite part of Le Tour...latest quips from Bob Roll, Paul Sherwin, Robbie Ventura, Al Trautwig and last but not least, the incomprarable Phil Liggett for items like these; "He's making him look like a club cyclist!", "He's thrown a cat amongst the pigeons", "He's got the bit between the teeth" and my favorite "The fox is in the hen house now!"The longest I've ridden my bike in one week is 896 miles in seven days averaging about 19 mph (19.5 mph) afterward I was pretty "shelled" as my friend Gordo would say. That would be four days in the tour; except they would ride around 25 mph and I'd finish as the "Lantern Rouge." Going another two weeks at that pace is really something! Super Bowl? (it's not even one long day...whatever), World Series (Are you kidding me? While you play seven games the riders will have circled a country and you mainly stand in a field.) Step up to a real sport and shave your legs!

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