Friday, July 27, 2007

An Everyday Hero

In sports these days we have a lot of things that could get you down; the Bonds guy who will earn his * next to his name in the next few days (Barry is a good player but no Hank Aaron), Michael Vick (innocent until proven guilty - he may only be guilty of hanging out with bad people...we don't know yet), and the Tour de France. I actually think this is the Tour's finest hour by bouncing all the cheaters. It should make for a wild last weekend. I ask you to push all that aside and ignore the Boo-Yah network (aka: the Eastern Seaboard Popular stuff Network) and listen to a story about a real hero.

Ryan van Praet is going blind and technically, he is legally blind today. His father has ALS and is in his final days. While many people would find an excuse to shrivel, Ryan is soaring. Ryan finished Ironman USA, one of the toughest courses in North America, in 12:53:19 beating many people with full sight. I'm proud to say I met Ryan in February of this year during the Spinathon to raise money to fight ALS.

Click this link, read the story and watch the video at the bottom of the page and I defy you to get goose bumps or a teary eye. Ryan represents all that is great about triathlon and the human spirit and I hope that he gets the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch on its way to Vancouver this winter.

Be a hero.

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