Monday, July 16, 2007

Early Signs of an Eruption

I'm pissed. I'm not upset, miffed, or aggravated; all of those would be an upgrade from my mood. I'm mad about several things. I even snarled at a bird who was beautifully singing and almost improving my mood. How dare he (or she)! Bird, you just made the list. Also on this list are work, triathlon, cycling, my house, my yard, my office at home, my job (already said work but it deserves another mention), paper wasp nests, honey bee nests, the state of paint in my home, gas prices, a very minor fender bender (in the new car!), and lastly, damn clocks and timing devices everywhere.

Normally, I'd listen to music, perhaps go to a comedy club or a movie with my wife, and maybe even have a Pepsi and rum (a truly rare occasion) with one of the rums I have collected from our travels to the Caribbean. Not this week pal.
It's race week. I don't want to feel warm and fuzzy. Sunday and I'm going to be racing angry and out to rip the hands off the clock. It's yourselves!

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  1. Why are you crabby? What is up, bob!!? Jen Harrison