Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Best Suprise

This morning was like many other summer mornings. Mr. and Ms. Duck and their young family quacking their way up the river. A few brand new baby deer and mommy deer eating my bushes (I'm very cool with that as it is that much less I have to trim, fertilize, water and trim.) I'll have to put a salt lick out there to keep them coming back. On my morning ride I saw a large turtle making his way down a hill toward the river and I assume several fish for breakfast based on his size. I couldn't help but laugh think of Crush from Finding Nemo...dude.

After the ride, I went to the pool for a quick 45 minute swim workout. The pool was packed. It's never packed which is even more strange, but it is officially triathlon season in Chicago. I stretched for some time and then a guy looked up from a lane and said, "Hey, why don't you join our workout?" I replied, "Thanks. Are you warming up?" "Yep, hop in." It turns out they were doing a workout that was just about identical to the one I had planned and all on the same intervals. How lucky can one guy be? So today, I met three new people (all triathletes) who are just a hair slower than me in the water. Even better we all hit it off. They are all racing in Racine, Wisconsin Sunday too. (I won't tell them that I'll be racing with a chip on my shoulder toward the clock...maybe I should and they can kick me in the rear end if I slow down.)

Athlete courtesy, fun during a workout, and fast...amazing. I'm still looking for the candid camera.

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