Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Great Midwest Relay - Part I

The GMR is a running race which is about 75% trail between Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. The race is a fundraiser for the Special Olypmics. This year we are missing some of our fast folks but added a few fast folks too. We also have experience under our belt from 2006. Above is "Van One" of the Greater Chicago Running Team (back row, Bill Thom, Jason "the speedster" Doland, Kevin O'Neil, "Super Dave" Cameron, front row, me and Michelle Thom our "token chick" - who is anything but - what a great runner she is, way to get her on the team Bill!
This race is intense if you are trying to be competitive. Three hard runs about thre hours apart (or less) while chasing or being chased thru the trails of Wisconsin and IL and the streets of Madison, Milwaukee (in the middle of the night) and Chicago.
My first run was a 3.88 mile leg with two teams about 10 seconds behind me. I was literally running for my life as I was trying to hold them off and not let down my team. My heart rate AVERAGE was 188 (96%) and a max of 197 (101%). This run was 99% trail with a few confused leisure riders wondering why there were three people sprinting down this trail heading east only seconds apart. I was able to build a bit of a lead on one team (about 2:30) and a smaller lead on the team we had traded 2nd place with several times already (about 1:00). Either team had the lead.
Bill Thom introduced us to the "magic" of chocolate milk as a recovery elixir. I must say that when you are hot, chocolate milk goes down well, but will it make me run faster in my second leg at about 1:30 am in Milwaukee. We all went to dinner about 8 pm at Jessica's, a small restaurant in Delafield, Wisconsin. Lovely little place. Our waitress was also a runner!

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