Friday, June 1, 2007

Beware...he did Ironman! Eek!

It's been at least 90 days since our last corporate re-organization so we are doing it again. This time with a potential "blood bath" at the "senior middle management" level. It is also mid-year review time. Like other companies we use a 5-4-3-2-1 rating system with most people landing on 3. I received several 5 ratings in my daily duties but somehow earned a 4.5 overall rating. This has to do with money (doesn't it always) if I am rated a 5 I must be paid as a 5 and a bell curve says only so many folks can be 5s. (HR double speak)

At the end of my review, the Senior Director I report to drops this gem, "You know I didn't want to give you a 4.something because I know you're an Ironman. A lot of people here fear your orderly manner, focus and drive for excellence. I could never do Ironman."

I was a little shocked and pissed off. I thought for a second and responded thusly, "Well, I understand about how the budget works and I'm ok with that. The company has to make money. Regarding my finishing an Ironman, let me tell you, I'm just one of a growing group of Ironmen and Iron-Women. I've had some above average results but that's it. There are a lot of folks faster than me. Fearing me because I've completed Ironman is like me saying I fear you because you have children." He looked at me with a puzzled daze. I responded, "I currently don't have children and can't relate to how you get yourself together and get out the door in the morning. That orderly manner, focus and drive sorta scares me." He responded, "I don't see..." I interuped, " that has anything to do with work?"

I finished our conversation by adding, "Anyone can do anything they prepare for; including Ironman." I need to go workout.

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