Thursday, May 10, 2007

Experiment of One

We heard Ret. Cmdr. John Collins, founding father of Ironman, declair that Ironman is an experiment of one. As I begin to taper for my fourth (out of four) Florida 70.3, I have a new challenge during my taper - illness. I have a dreadfull spring cold; headache, sore throat, PND, runny nose - the whole shabang. My house is in crisis lockdown mode because of it. I travel with Clorox cleaning wipes and am wiping down everything I come in contact with. I'm spending LONG periods of time in the health club steam sauna (sented with eucalyptus) - in for 20 minutes, shower, rehydrate...back in for 20 minutes. I've even subjected my spouse, co-workers and training partners to "Garlic soup"; where no self respecting germ or virus dare to tread. I've even tried to "burn it out" hitting one of my favorite Mexican restaurants by the office and downing significant amounts of "fire sauce"; restaurant owner Miguel's culinary answer to thermite plasma.

Even feeling like complete crap phyically, there are "flashes" of what may come on 5/20 in Orlando. Assuming my own battles in germ warfare are successful, I still have a few days to regain a "normal" body state. Now, if we can only get sub-tropical storm Andrea to play nicely we'll really have a shot at a PR. Though a part of me would like a real "test of strength" race in big waves, high winds on the bike followed by rain and mud on the run. I guess I should be careful for what I ask for because I just might get it.

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