Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tucson Training Camp

What a week! My friend Dean, client Tommy and Justine all headed out to Tucson for a week of solid training to shed some extra body fat. (I speak for myself as my three colleagues don't have that challenge!) We were even able to jump into the Tucson Triathlon at the last minute (literally). I went from spectator to competitor in about 3 minutes. I paid for that on the run as I doubled the run course. I ran really well considering. No big deal because I just wanted some training in a "race environment."

I was unsure about how this camp would go. It would be the longest camp since my college swimming days. I hung in there just fine. We were all dragging on the last day in 100+ F temps but I finished the last climb of the camp (an out and back over Gates Pass at the end of a 4.5 hr ride) very strongly. I couldn't help but smile blazing down the mountain.

Time to recover.

The final totals:
Swim: 4 hours - including one session where we were buzzed by the US Navy's Blue Angels!
Bike: 26 hours - we even rode to the top of Mt. Lemmon in what is a truly awesome ride.
Run: 5.5 hours - trail running in IL will never seem the same.
Stretching: 2 hours - what a difference it made
Total: 37.5 hours

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